First Look and Interview: Generate an Email Signature for Free

Email Signature Generator in Outlook 2010

Email Signatures are those small self-promoting snippets that you usually see at the end of an email message. They’re generally good for signalling who you are and providing details people might otherwise not know. Since you might be creating this by hand, you may not know it can be nicely generated by online tools such as in today’s First Look. Today I’m taking a look at Email Signature Generator and speaking to the author of the tool.

Should It Be Blogging OR Commenting?

Today I’ve been thinking about the constant conflict between writing blog posts and commenting on blogs (or other types of sites). When is the line crossed from a simple comment to that of a full blown blog? When should we tell people that comment on our sites that they should take it to a blog? I’ve pondered these ideas in the past as I’ve faced Dave Winer‘s particular outlook on this topic.

Is Google Plus Dead?

Twitter Search Google App

Like Google Reader, iGoogle, Wave and Buzz before it, the days of the social network Google Plus may be numbered. The writing appears to be on the wall. With Twitter’s announcement on May 19 that Google‘s app would include tweets in searches, Google is making massive changes. While Google may want to spic it differently, signs are pointing to the end of the social network.

MovieViral Steals Content

When I joined the writing team at MovieViral in late 2013, I had aspirations of writing about the other topic I enjoy: movies. My interest was twofold; Get some experience writing for a larger site, and eventually work toward earning money for that work. For a time, the writing was difficult to keep up with, but I persevered. Eventually the site would sell to a new, British, group. In return for supporting them, they would steal from me. Let me explain.

6 Massive Flickr Usability Pains [in the Ass]

Flickr logo Rectangle

Using Flickr for photo management appears to be a great value proposition. Store all your photos, and in turn they offer a full terabyte (that’s 1000 gigabytes!) of drive space. For all the different options for storing and managing photos online, Flickr can’t be beat. Right? As good as that is, Flickr also has to be the most annoying and convoluted systems to use for managing and sharing photos. Today, I thought I’d look at Flickr‘s worst offences.

First Look: Foldio2 – A Kickstarter-Funded Pop-Up Studio


Foldio on Kickstarter

There’s always an excitement when something new arrives. The feeling like this is the first time anyone has ever seen a thing; Like I’m part of an exclusive club. That exclusive feeling gets even stronger when the product is Kickstarter funded Foldio2. After making an initial version and funding that on Kickstarter, makers Orangemonkie came back to successfully crowdfund the second iteration: Foldio2. Join me as I take a look at this new product and share my thoughts about its usefulness.

Redefining Viral

Sure, this blog isn’t exactly an entertainment site, but I do love movies. In fact, I spent a great deal of time writing 45+ articles for MovieViral (for free, no less – perhaps that’s another blog). But, this landscape is changing fast, from movies, to short films, to long-form serial television, to shows released from online services. In fact, the show Powers was released on the Playstation network – a gaming company. I’m interested in all types of entertainment, from the more obscure indie, to the blockbuster, to all the amazing science fiction. But, what do we call viral content in the Internet age?