BBM’s Location Sharing Tool Glympse Not Working On Your iPhone? Try This

BBM's Glympse Location Service ErrorOne of the biggest pains for iPhone users tends to be when companies use interface conventions that vary from the standard iOS style. While this may change in the future, Blackberry Messenger (BBM) on the iPhone is a real offender in this category. If you’re a user of the location tool in BBM, you may see an error “Can’t Access Location” even if location services are on. Here’s what to try. Continue Reading »

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A Leaked Michael Jackson Song Spreads Like Wildfire

Michael Jackson's posthumus album XSCAPE

There are certain cases where piracy is understood as simply stealing intellectual property. But, there are other cases where a simple leak of a product gives the world at large just enough time to view it before being taken down. The media appear to play a key role in spreading the content, while users soak up the results. Read on for more, and a rundown of what happened. Continue Reading »

Apr 12 2014 by

Windows XP Support Ends – What To Know

Windows XP Login ScreenAs many have heard, Windows XP has now entered its end of support phase. This means several indirect things, but the biggest impact will be the end of security updates for the aged Operating System. The biggest question I’ve been asked about this is whether people should freak out about this change. Read on to find out what you need to know. Continue Reading »

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We’re About To See A Serious Battery Disruption

Thomas Edison's nickel–iron batteriesI find it fascinating that we live in a world that sees things go away, and then come back around. In the case of Disco, it became popular, went away, and then came back in the 90′s, only to disappear again. Our collective need for the lowly battery is one of the more interesting cyclical love affairs. And, we appear to be at the crux of a real, serious point of disruption for this technology. Continue Reading »

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Graphic Designers! Enter Our Amazing Logo Design Contest

SketchBook from Lauren ManningAre you an aspiring or professional graphic designer? Would you like to get your name out by being featured on an established blog? Do you have great design skills that are just waiting to be seen by the world? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you’ll want to check out our most recent contest. I want you to create a logo, and in return you will reap various wonderful rewards. Read on for more details about this great contest. Continue Reading »

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Useful Free Note-taking Tool “OneNote” Released For OS X

Microsoft OneNote for OS XIf you were taking notes on your Mac, you might use a local native text editor such as TextWrangler. But, that’s just text. If you wanted more, with some font and cloud capabilities, you might look to Apple’s iCloud Notes. It’s in the cloud, and you can use the notes on all your Apple devices. Jumping into this game, Microsoft has introduced their own cloud-based note-taking application for OS X called OneNote.

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Your ISP Is Probably Stupid

ISP InterconnectIf you follow some of the net neutrality news, you probably know Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are dumb. If you don’t, this is a great time to help you understand how truly idiotic ISP’s are. I came across a war of words between Netflix’s Reed Hasting calling for net neutrality, and AT&T’s Jim Cicconi, calling for people to pay twice. While the idea Reed Hasting puts forth is reasonable, Jim Cicconi’s is all shades of stupid. Continue Reading »

Mar 22 2014 by

“Popcorn Time” May Be The Evolution Of Piracy

Popcorn Time, described as Netflix for pirated filmsRecently, a small open-source application has been getting lots of attention. Mainly for it’s ability to “stream” movies from Bittorrent sources, while making the process extremely easy to use. Indeed, so easy that many are calling Popcorn Time “Netflix for pirated films”. While the tool has gain widespread attention, little is really know about this small tool. I wanted to take a closer look at this growing phenomenon. Read on for more details. Continue Reading »

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Check Out The Spring Metamorphosis Event and Silent Auction

Metamorphosis, Raising funds for Joannes House in AjaxSpring is surely upon us, and many will look to clean or renew interest in activities. I often come across many great causes and worthy charities, but have never written about it. Today is a little different, my good friend Brian Vince of Titan Tattoo Supply is running a wonderful art show and sale in Oshawa. Read on for more details on the event. Continue Reading »

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Microsoft To Add Dumb Nag Screen To Windows XP

Windows XP End Of Life Nag Screen

This is rather childish. With Windows XP nearing its end of support (for updates, that is), Microsoft intends to push an update to Windows XP that simply nags the user with the above. I’ll paraphrase the above message: “We just want to tell you a fact, and provide nothing else useful”. What’s so shocking and dumb about this, is that there is no real upgrade path for this operating system. The question is then, why bother Microsoft?
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